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I absolutely love these natural organic hair care products.
My favs for my children's hair are the Hy-Definition Twist & Body Butter and Shea Coconut Moisture Cream. Even when I moved to Atlanta, I even had them sent to me, that's how much I love these products. I would highly recommend these products to anyone!
-Onika Long-

Got my products and I used the Mango Kiwi Curl Cream OMG wonderful! I'm on my 2nd day of my twistout of soft lovely curls! Since I have thick 4c hair in the top and 3c hair in the back and sides I don't like heavy products on my hair. This product is nice, nt heavy and everything I expected!
-Tracy Elkins-

One of the best moisturizing products I have had in my mane in so long. For once I was open to using a product that had ingredients I could read and was familiar with. The time and love she puts into these products are shown. I appreciate companies and owners that promotes healthy hair. Some of the best products come from within our own backyard and communities. Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals will be seeing more of me in the future.
-Shay Iman-