Shea Coconut Moisture Cream

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  • Shea Coconut Moisture Cream
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Shea Coconut Moisture Cream Summary

This product is designed to give intense moisture retention! It is packed with fatty acids that will help strengthen your hair follicles from the inside out. We've added coconut milk to give your hair the best hydration and luster, and castor oil to remove dead cells and promote hair growth.


This product is recommended for dry, thick or thin textured hair

Key Ingredients: distilled water, raw shea butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, castor oil, vitamin E, plant derived emulsifying wx, natural preservative 

How to use: Apply to damp hair, distribute evenly through the hair, style as desired. This product is used to style and moisturize your hair. 

Storing Directions: Due to the specialty of being organic, this cream has a shelf life of 5 months. Place the jar in the refrigerator after 5 months of use.

Customer Reviews

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the smell though 5 product stars
"I hate the smell of almost anything with coconut in it, I was really reluctant to try the product and I'm really glad I did the smell is really pleasent. Kind of reminded me of home as a kid i don't know it's just something about the smell And the moisturization and shine was like no other!" Bernard - 1/13/2015
Very moisturizing 4 product stars
"I got this product at an expo because I was having issues with dry hair. This product really helped me. I was totally amazed because I've need had a product give so much moisture to my hair. Thank you for this great products!" Jay P. - 8/3/2016

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