Aloe Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner

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  • Aloe Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner
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Aloe Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner Summary

This moisture-rich formula of Aloe Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner helps to restore dry and dull hair with the hydrating factors of aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice which penetrate the hair follicles and conditions inside out leaving soft manageable hair. 




This product is best when applied to wet or damp hair.

Application Directions: Section hair, apply a generous amount to clean hair, comb or use fingers to work it into the hair for even distribution.  Style as desired.

Key Ingredients: purified water, aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel, hibiscus extracts, olive oil, and vitamin E

Customer Reviews

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Best Leave-in Ever!!! 5 product stars
"I looooovvveeee this Aloe Hibiscus Leave In Conditioner!!! It smells really good and when I use it on my daughters hair it works wonders. The leave-in conditioner keeps her hair moisturizes for three whole days literally and you don't have to use a lot of it. Also, it helps dangle her hair as while combing it. I will always purchase this item from you and I can't wait to try the other items. Keep up the good work!!!" Breanica Gardner - 3/30/2015
what! 5 product stars
"I have a combination hairtype and my hair doesn't like light products. Well that's at least What I thought. I used this leave in and almost immediately I had curl definitely the smell was really light I loved it" Bernard - 1/13/2015
best leave in ever 4 product stars
"This leave in conditioner is so creamy and moisturizing. I've been using it every other day to moisturize my hair. I have noticed my hair becoming softer after 2 days. I even let my mom use some and she loves it too, so I will be buying her a bottle after too, because she can't have mines lol" Candance - 2/1/2017

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