How to Properly Moisturize Dry Hair
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How to Properly Moisturize Dry Hair
Whenever I chat with naturals, the common thing they tell me about their hair is it is very dry and they cannot find a way to keep it moisturized for days. Dryness in afro-textured hair is very common due to how our curls form. Our natural oils in our scalp have a harder time reaching the tips of our hair because our hair is shaped in a spiral curl. Once we learn and understand how it works we can better care for our hair.

We already know deep conditioning is critical for maintaining soft beautiful hair, proper moisturizing is also critical. Without proper moisture, your hair will dry out and eventually break off. Water is the very first ingredient you need to apply to your hair. Then you apply a water-base moisturizer or cream product. Unless the first or second ingredient is water, it’s not a true moisturizer. Don’t be fooled by products that claim to moisturize your hair, that don’t even have water (or it’s listed as one of the last ingredients.)
The term “moisturizer” is used so loosely and incorrectly on natural hair products. Just be careful and don't get fooled.

After you apply your water and water-based moisturizer, you will finally apply a sealant.
Sealants contain oil and/or butters that seal in water (moisture).  So if you twist your hair while it’s damp (water is your moisturizer) and apply a good sealant, that will keep your hair moisturized and soft for a long time. Whenever I use our Shea Coconut Moisturize Cream or Mango Kiwi Curl Cream plus the Hy-Definition Twist and Body Butter my hair is always super soft for days. The softness literally last up to five days.

Finally proper moisturizing would include protective styling as well. After moisturizing it’s best to leave your hair in braids or twists for at least 48 hours for the products to sink in and provide nutrients to the scalp.

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